Fairy Tale Lesson #1

Grimm’s Fairy Tales: One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes

Here is a lesson from the Brother’s Grimm collection that I wrote. I have included a teachers lesson plan as well as student worksheets and links to necessary material. The lesson can be adapted for grades 6-12. Enjoy!

Summary from BookRags.com

A woman has three daughters—one with one eye, one with two eyes, and one with three eyes. She hates the daughter with two eyes. The mother and other sisters are mean to the two-eyed girl. Through the help of an old woman, the two-eyed girl buries a goat’s entrails out of which a sliver tree with gold fruit grows. Because she is the only one who can pull a branch from the tree, the girl is married to a knight. The one-eyed and three-eyed sisters eventually wind up at the home of their two-eyed sister, who takes them in and cares for them.






The picture book from Aaron Shepard

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